Parboiled Rice is the rice variety that undergoes a hydrothermal steaming process to partially boil the un-husked rice. This process enhances the strength of rice grains for better cooking results.

Moisture Content13.0% Max.
Average Grain Length8.0 – 8.2 MM
Polishing GradeDouble Silky Polished
Damaged, Shriveled & Yellow1.5% Max.
Broken Grains2% Max.
Chalky Grains3.0% Max.
Contrasting Varieties7.0% Max.
Foreign Grains0.2% Max.
Foreign Matter0.1% Max.
Paddy Grain0.2% Max.
Under-milled & Red-striped2.0% Max.
Milling Grades AvailableWhite 1121 Basmati Rice
Sella 1121 Basmati Rice