Experience The aman Rice Mills Standard

Discover a world of excellence at Aman Rice Mills, where standards transcend expectations. Each grain embodies a legacy of care and precision, setting a new bar for rice quality.

AMAN's commitment to innovation ensures that every process, from milling to packaging, maintains the highest standards. This attention to detail translates into grains that whisper tales of authenticity.

Beyond taste, it's the trust that AMAN Rice Mills instills that sets them apart. People don't just buy rice; they invest in a promise – a promise of consistency, purity, and a touch of tradition.

The journey from paddy fields to kitchens is a testament to dedication, resonating with those who seek excellence.

In a world of options, AMAN Rice Mills become the destination of choice. People don't just consume rice; they partake in a legacy that has been nurtured for generations, an assurance of the finest.

AMAN Rice Mills don't just provide sustenance; they create experiences. Each grain reflects a story of meticulous sorting, milling, and packaging, leaving an impression that lingers in hearts.

AMAN Rice Mills is a top-tier rice processing company known for quality and expertise. Our fusion of tradition and innovation produces exceptional rice products. With a commitment to excellence, we’re a trusted name in the industry.

Aman Rice Mills is positioned where Pakistan Standard Time originates, in Narowal, Pakistan, This land, blessed by its connection to the divine, yields the finest Basmati grains, and we take pride in being part of this heritage.

AMAN Rice Mills specializes in processing and producing premium rice products. We uphold traditional values while incorporating modern techniques, ensuring top-notch quality. Our goal is to provide authentic, superior rice experiences for customers   worldwide.

Our Location

AMAN occupies a vast 25-acre expanse in Punjab, strategically nestled within the region's prime paddy cultivation zone. Our location boasts the ideal conditions for rice growth. With rich soil and optimal climate, we thrive in Punjab's heartland, fostering exceptional paddy cultivation.

Our Process

Aman today is amongst the largest buyer of Basmati Paddy in the province of Punjab. It has a well-planned and well-organized Paddy Procurement System imbedded with rigorous quality checks at each and every step. The company buys pure Basmati Paddy directly from the farmers on pre-announced specifications.




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