About Aman Rice Mills

Serving Since 1968

Opened in 1968, Aman Rice Mills in Narowal, Pakistan.
Serving High Quality Rice Locally and Internationally.


Our Story

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The world’s foremost rice millers and exporters of Basmati rice

With over a century of industry expertise, ARM PRIVATE LIMITED has established itself as the strong company in the Pakistani rice sector as well as PAKISTAN’s first comprehensive rice firm. The Company’s success has been obtained through operating responsibly, executing adeptly, manufacturing innovatively, and aggressively grabbing new prospects. ARM has expanded and broadened its product portfolio throughout the years, delighting consumers across countries. Our position in an increasingly consumer-driven sector creates a need for healthy and balanced nutritional goods. With a well-established presence in PAKISTAN, we intend to increase our penetration while also moving into additional foreign markets.



We are one of Asia’s top rice exporters, offering high-quality products. With over four decades of experience in the rice industry, ARM PVT. is a prominent agribusiness in South Asia. Our flagship brand “AMAN Basmati Rice” is accessible in more than 7 countries around the world as Pakistan’s largest basmati rice exporter. Private label brands are sold in over 45 countries around the world. We aim to be Pakistan’s most technologically sophisticated rice processing company, thus we’re always looking for ways to improve our product supply chain and processing procedures.

ARM PVT. Now operates two rice processing plants and three milling plants in NAROWAL, Punjab, which feature vertically integrated paddy drying, storage, husking,

Processing, and packaging facilities.



ARM Pvt50.’s years of experience have given the company a wealth of knowledge that it applies to a wide range of commodities, including rice bran, rice, and wheat flours, and sugar. ARM PVT. Provides traceable, sustainable high-grade rice that ISTA to worldwide standards, based on over 40+ years of experience in the rice industry.






We constantly evaluate our business operations at ARM Private limited. To guarantee that we comply with all worldwide health, food, safety, and environmental industry standards.




To ensure the genetic integrity of the seed, encourage farmers to adopt scientific farming techniques, and leverage world-class rice processing technologies to emerge as the industry benchmark for product quality and customer service, in an attempt to preserve and enrich the legacy of basmati in Pakistan. To become a leading global provider of premium food items of the highest quality.



To become Asia’s leading basmati EXPORTERS, dedicated to offering our customers high accuracy – flawless quality goods; to promote a professional work environment that supports employee excellence, growth, and better performers; and to build a financially strong, growth-oriented company. To deliver premium quality goods to clients across the world; to be innovative, customer-oriented, and to form strong connections with suppliers; to consistently invest in our employees – the company’s most valuable asset; and to produce long-term value for all stakeholders – shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, and the broader community.



With over a century of industry expertise, ARM PRIVATE Limited has established itself as the leading EXPORTER in the PAKISTAN rice business, as well as a PAKISTAN integrated rice company. The Company’s success has been achieved through operating responsibly, executing adeptly, making resourcefulness, and aggressively catching new prospects. It operates largely in the field of rice product manufacture and marketing.

ARM has grown and broadened its product portfolio throughout time, delighting consumers all around the world. Our presence in a highly consumer-driven industry creates a need for nutritious, well-balanced food. With a strong presence in PAKISTAN, we want to increase our market share while also expanding our reach to new international markets.



Quality is of extreme significance for ARM PVT. As a result, the firm has access to the most selective clientele on the planet.

ARM PVT Quality Assurance and Quality Control division is in charge of identifying client expectations and ensuring that these needs are satisfied. To ensure accuracy at every level, quality assurance mechanisms are in place throughout the supply chain, operations, and marketing divisions. Our personal experience attests to this.

ARM PVT’s well-documented procedures ensure that the goods are properly tested and certified. The production process is constantly reviewed and controlled to provide the best quality final items.

ARM PVT is a qualified and accredited firm that complies with ISO 22000: 2005, HACCP, FDA, and the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. 


We’ve been in the rice industry since 1968, and we’ve gone to great lengths to keep the rice’s quality. To satisfy worldwide rice production standards, we have combined various techniques and machinery. From rice planting through packing, we now have the most modern rice milling/processing facilities based on Japanese, German, and…

We have placed a major focus on contemporary and cutting-edge operations. We have installed the top machinery, such as SATAKE, Japan, as the newest technology utilized in Japan and Europe. The rice milling business is increasingly being upgraded with high-tech processing equipment and control systems. Where appropriate, we employ computational procedures. We think that without the use of new technology, no one can achieve the high standards of quality manufacturing, which is why we priorities quality. Our BASMATI RICE meets the highest quality criteria. Each grain of rice is treated to perfection in our mill. High-tech equipment performs procedures such as paddy separation, de-stoning, polishing, grading, and color sorting of rice grains. Quality packed rice is only permitted on the market after it has been subjected to stringent quality control methods at every stage of processing as well as in our sophisticated laboratory. Such meticulous care and attention to detail ensure that SUPER BASMATI RICE will always provide you with a delightful dinner of long and fluffy rice grains infused with an exotic scent. Our Indian Par boiler is a cutting-edge machine that produces excellent results, significantly improving manufacturing quality. We take great care in the hygienic processing, and our expert personnel ensures that the quality is maintained.

Every process, from paddy separation to final packaging, is completed within one perimeter,


CHAIN OF Attributes

ARM PVT Priority’s quality and sustainability since we buy paddy directly from farmers, ensuring their profitability and continuity as small-scale farm owners. In pursuit of our continuous improvement philosophy, we created “Supply Chain 360,” a rigorous quality assurance system that has been critical to our success.

Because of their knowledge and skill, our procurement teams can get the finest grains from rice areas every harvest year. Our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution also helps them. By tracing every purchase of paddy to each supplier, ERP can track and record the finest rice-producing regions in a crop year. This meticulously compiled crop history guarantees that our procurement staff is well-versed in crop-specific information before crop acquisition. This initiative’s long-term aim is to enhance the rice supply chain by boosting agricultural production and cutting expenses. The initiative gives farm extension assistance to 500 small-scale farmers, including free certified Basmati seeds, advice on enhancing production and quality, and text message notifications on weather and planting recommendations. Procurement teams visit farmers at each step of rice paddy development to assure traceability, monitor crop progress and provide farmers with assistance. Farmers may sell their rice directly to ARM PVT at harvest time, eliminating the need for an intermediary. We can get excellent grains through collaborating with farmers, while the farmers profit from higher pricing. To all of our clients, we guarantee seed purity, GMO-free goods, and a rejection of illegal pesticide usage and other harmful activities. Our “Supply Chain 360” methodology has eventually helped clients by delivering quality rice on schedule with no rejections due to aflatoxin.